I’m in a long-distance relationship and I had always dreaded planning weekend trips. Now that I’ve found Harriette, I know that Oscar will be safe and have plenty of company while I’m gone. And when I come home, he’s relaxed and stress-free. -  Sue B., Portland.
We recommend For Pet’s Sake  to anyone that is looking for a high-quality, loving environment for your pet, whether for pet sitting or at-home care.
   We have left on a few occasions for almost two weeks at a time, and have always felt confident that our Bailey was getting the love and attention he craves. In fact, whenever we come near the Anderson’s home, our dog gets very excited and can’t wait to see them.
   Harriette, on initial consultation, asked all the right questions, and I have never had a moment’s hesitation on calling her for our dog’s needs.
- Audrey Szabo and Scott McMorrow
Both of our dogs love Harriette!
   Our first, a slightly co-dependent Goldendoodle, Ella, bonded with Harriette the moment they met over three years ago. In fact, to this day, it's difficult to restrain her when she is within sprinting distance of Harriette's house; she loves going there so much.
   Whenever Ella stays at Harriette’s (this can be as often as every eight weeks for upwards of two weeks at a time) we have complete peace of mind knowing that our dog will always receive the very best of care.  Once, when we were away, Ella got sick and ended up requiring medical attention.  Harriette acted quickly, got her to our veterinarian, and phoned us regularly with information and updates. Harriette is the most conscientious and reliable dog sitter one could ever hope to find.  
   Our second dog, Bina, is a Bijon, Japanese Chin mix and -- despite her small size --  is a real handful.  When Bina exceeded our patience, we sent her to Harriette for some basic training.  Within a few days, Harriette had this difficult dog heeding her commands: sit, come, stay, heel, and more. Harriette was able to get through to Bina and she showed us how to communicate with her. This breakthrough made such a big difference in everyone’s quality of life. Since then, Bina has continued to thrive and develop new skills. As a trainer, Harriette is patient, loving and firm.  
   Our family is grateful for all of her support and assistance.  
   If you have any questions or would like to hear more about our experience working with Harriette, please do not hesitate to contact us.   - Helena Huang & Robe Imbriano, Portland (contact info available on request)
We had to go out of town unexpectedly, but couldn’t bring our beloved feline with us. Besides, he’s a homebody anyway. But we wanted to find someone who would take as good care of him as we do. Who would get him. Who would understand what each meow meant—because they’re all different, you know. Who would intuitively understand which spots he likes to be petted on, and when. And who would inspire trust and confidence, since this caretaker would be in our house, without us there.
   And then we found Harriette at For Pet’s Sake, and all our fears were allayed. Harriette is licensed and bonded, and has been doing the pet-sitting thang since 1995. When she came over for an initial visit with our cat she filled out a comprehensive questionnaire on his habits, health information, litter-box habits, favorite toys, and so on. She even brought treats and toys for our little buddy! Harriette also takes care of dogs, in-house or at her home, and offers daily walking services. She’s like a female Dr. Doolittle! In addition, if she comes to your house she’ll collect your mail and newspapers.
   When we returned from our sojourn, we were thrilled to see our little kitty sweetheart all kinds of happy and healthy. And the icing on the proverbial cake? She left our home cleaner than we did." -  
PortlandPicks.com, July 28, 2006
"I have two dogs and have used Harriette's services for dog walking, pet taxi, in-home pet sitting and house sitting. Harriette has been wonderful to work with. She clearly loves animals. My dogs have been happy to be with her and it has been great that my dogs have been able to stay at home in familiar surroundings while I'm away. She takes the dogs for long walks in the park and plays with them.
   In addition to taking good care of the dogs, she also takes good care of my garden while I'm out of town. During the summer, my garden needs lots of attention. Harriette makes sure that the plants are watered and that my mail, deliveries, trash and recycling are all taken care of.
   I would highly recommend For Pet's Sake for the care of your animals and would be pleased to discuss their services with you.  - Wendy Beth Oliver, Portland  (Phone number available on request)
"I highly recommend, without qualification, the services of Harriette Anderson and her business, For Pet's Sake. Harriette establishes both a professional and personal rapport with her clients and their owners. Her attention is completely devoted to those in her charge, and she has a natural gift for communicating with them. Her sweet manner transmits itself to the animals naturally and immediately.
   I have two indoor cats for whom Harriette has cared since 1994. When I return home, my mail is stacked, my alarm is set, and most importantly, cats are sleek, brushed, well-fed and content. I recommend For Pet's Sake without reservation." 
-  Patricia Casey-Lee, Portland
     "Harriette has walked our dog Nela for approximately one year. During that time, Harriette has demonstrated that she is reliable, kind and obviously cares for Nela.
     We are moving to Seattle and we know that Nela will miss Harriette. We highly recommend Harriette and her dog walking service."  - J. Marion Younker, Portland
I love the comfort and convenience of being able to leave town and know that cat is taken care of! Harriette is reliable, flexible and always available on short notice. But, best of all, he's great with my pet. - Patty B., Portland
A Few Kind Words form our Clients...
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