Before you bring that adorable new puppy into your life, it's important to make sure that your home will be a safe place for him or her to live and grow
   Like young children, puppies are very curious about the world around them. If allowed to, they're likely to get into whatever mischief they can -- just for the sheer fun of discovering something new. Your puppy probably can't wait to investigate everything within his reach.
   Most puppy owners can share amusing stories of their puppies' exploits. "On the morning after we brought Lacy home, I realized that I hadn't been watching her for a while, and things were awfully quiet," says Donna, owner of a 12-week-old Sheltie. "I looked everywhere for her. Then I stepped into the bedroom, and it was a wonderland of white -- she had found the tissue roll in the bathroom, and dragged the entire roll's worth all out into the bedroom, trampling and winding it all around. There she was, her tongue hanging out, happily in the middle of the pile. All I could do was laugh!"
New Puppy? Keep him safe with
Professional Puppy-Proofing
   But sometimes puppies get into mischief that's more risky than amusing, and this adventuresome spirit can spell danger. That's why the American Kennel Club recommends that you "puppy-proof" your home and yard -- ideally before your new bundle of joy moves in -- by making sure that all potential poisons and dangers are out of reach.
   Keep in mind that whereas a human child uses hands and fingers to investigate, a puppy's natural instinct is to use its mouth and teeth to explore new things. He'll be tempted to bite and chew on any object he can get into his mouth, and maybe even swallow it. Your puppy doesn't know any better, so he's not being naughty -- he's just doing what comes naturally.
   That's why For Pets' Sake offers expert puppy-proofing service. We'll inspect your home and yard while looking at everything from the puppy's point of view. This will help insure as few emergencies as possible. We'll point out poisonous plants, choking hazards, fall hazards - a comprehensive list of safety measures you can put in place to keep him safe and healthy.    
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